Our first Donation! (Update on Donation Counter!)

If this is the first time you are visiting this blog, please make sure you read The Goal so you know exactly what we are trying to achieve! We really hope you enjoy the idea and decide to help.

I would like to write a quick post today to give a massive Thank You to our very first donator. So from myself and my fiancée, we would like to thank David Friar for his generous donation of £10.00 today! We greatly appreciate your help and hope you stay tuned to see how we get along with our plans. I had no idea we would get a donation so fast, and it really helps me to be optimistic!

Thank you very much again David and God bless you. Much appreciation from myself and my fiancée (who doesn’t actually know you have donated, but eventually will!)

If you would also like to show some generosity and help out towards our wedding, just click the donate button below.

On a side note, look at the donation counter! I tried loads of different widgets etc, however unfortunately on a free hosted Blog you can’t use the cool widgets, and generally don’t have any counter options (not any that I found aesthetically acceptable). So I decided to just create a simple bar in Paint, which I will update every day/every time a new donation is made. So if you make a donation and don’t see any updates straight away, please do not panic! I will get around to it as soon as I get online.

Anyways, till the next post.


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The First Day

Hello all and welcome to The Wedding Fund Blog. Ideally at this point, let me direct you to The Goal page so you can get an idea of exactly what this Blog is designed to do. So before reading on, make sure you read this!

Today, 14th March 2012 I decided to set this Blog up. Times are incredibly tough right now as I’m sure most people out there already know. I was laid off from my job a couple of months ago and have had a lot of trouble getting back into employment. I am not under qualified, but at the same time I don’t exactly have the best track record of achievements to land me a high paying job. I try my best at what I do, and unfortunately that doesn’t seem enough right now.

So I was speaking to my fiancée earlier about our wedding plans and we are really worried because things don’t seem to be adding up for us to get married next year like we planned. With that said, I like to think positive; so I did that and realised that no amount of positive thinking was going to make me any money unless I done something and took action. So I decided to set this blog up to create awareness about our situation, and humbly ask the online community for assistance and help.

This is the kicker part! I haven’t actually told my fiancée about this yet. Here’s why. She doesn’t actually have an engagement ring yet. We are one of those couples who have decided we want to spend the rest of our lives together, but didn’t need the formality of the husband-to-be to present an engagement ring first. There are 2 reasons for this. 1. I can not afford a ring. 2. Our culture and traditions suggest that I present the ring to the wife-to-be at the engagement party.

So I had a solution to this; My plan is to buy the engagement ring next month (with the £800 I have saved right now) and propose to my lady on July 14th. That’s her birthday. I mean it’s not really a proposal, as we have already agreed to get married and our families etc are already in the know how about everything. However she isn’t expecting a ring, so it will be a good surprise; but on top of this I am also going to show her this Blog to show her what I have set up to help us with our wedding. In regards to culture and traditions? Screw it! This is my surprise and this is how I want to do it. Plus I know she will love this 100 times more than giving her the ring at the engagement party.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will be posting with an update as soon as we start getting the savings rolling. Every time somebody contributes I will be posting thank you messages on the Home Page (where you are now) as well as updating the statistics. My plan is to get some kind of bar which fills up on every donation; I will research this and try get it into place by the end of the week!

Till then, hope to hear from some of you soon. Remember if you would like to know anything about us, or me, just get in touch.


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